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We provide a rich learning environment enabling each and every child to learn through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum

We aim to ensure each child will enjoy learning, take pride in their achievements and develop ambition for success

Our teaching approaches are fresh, innovative and designed to bring excitement and a curiosity to know and understand more

Our strong relationships with children and families enable questioning and exploration of current issues, to equip them with the skills to understand and respond to the issues of today

We are outward facing, working closely with local communities whilst at the same time reaching out to engage and learn from others.

We provide broad experiences that enable children to explore new ideas, developing confidence to investigate, explore and be creative in their thinking

We aim to build resilience, by urging children to try, to fail and to learn from their mistakes

We encourage pupils to be sensitive and aware of the well-being of others.



We educate the whole child to achieve their very best, making academic, emotional and social progress

We are unstinting in our drive to maximise outcomes for all our children, benchmarking our successes against excellence

We instil the passion to pursue personal strengths

We develop rounded personal skills, building resilience and preparing youngsters well for future challenges and their next steps in life

We provide a supportive school environment where children can grow into well rounded, informed and aware individuals

We hold the strongest regard for individuals and their well-being.